8oz Pure Soap Flakes medium
Pure Soap Flakes 4 ounce - 400 x 388
16 ounce Pure Soap Flkes Large
Pure Soap Flakes 4 ounce - 600 x 582

Made in USA
Minnestoa Grown Pure Soap Flakes
Pure Soap Flake Company • PO Box 193 Pine River, Minnesota USA 56474 • Tele: 218.568.2525 • Email: natural@puresoapflakes.com
Available for private label and custom manufacturing.

Pure Soap Flake Company - Made in USA
Earth friendly bathing, cleaning, and laundry products
Made in USA • Earth Friendly • Universally Respectful
Our plant based, pure vegetable oil soap is saponified from a signature blend of coconut and soybean vegetable oils that are fair trade and free of GMOs.
Gentle enough for babies, pets, and people with sensitive skin, and tattoos. Completely biodegradable.
Pure Soap Flake Company supports fair trade farming and sustainable living.

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Earth friendly, plant based, bathing, cleaning, and laundry products.