Clean HE (High-Efficiency) Washing Machine Naturally!

Clean Your HE Washing MachineI am a natural solution enthusiast! I love to research a natural remedy for whatever problem I am trying to solve! I have learned that nature offers a kinder and more loving result when it comes to cleaning, and, almost always, delivers the best result of all! I have also learned that this may take some patience and planning as it can be a slower process to the desired end.

Recently my mother wanted to clean her HE (High Efficiency) washing machine because of the horrible odor that was left in her clothes? I have an old top loader, that I love, and don’t understand the need to clean a washing machine, but, it is what it is and so much for modern technology?

HE washing machines use very little water for washing clothes and can become very stinky over time. That stink then gets put back in to the clothes you are washing. Yikes! This is a common grievance with HE washing machines. There are several products on the market to clean HE machines that are expensive and full of non-beneficial ingredients, synthetic surfactants, and unnecessary fragrances.


Care of HE washing machines
  • Always drain the water from the machine after every wash and before every wash!
  • Leave the dispenser drawer open when idle allowing fresh air to flow through
  • Leave the door of the machine open when idle allowing fresh air to flow through
Clean HE washing machine naturally
  • Use 1/2 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of 3% liquid hydrogen peroxide. Put this in the drum of your machine and wash on the hottest cycle.

Your HE washing machine will be naturally clean and fresh for the next load of laundry.

Live and Learn ~ Love and Nurture.